Marble vs Bronze coffee table

Islands of bronze rest on top of marble tables designed by Chilean studio GT2P for its first collaboration with New York’sFriedman Benda gallery.


To create each Marble vs Bronze table, the studio digitally mapped the veins of large slabs of marble and used the data to decide which areas to cut into using a water jet.


Large and small blob-shaped sections were then removed and filled with bronze, which extends into legs at the corners of the table.

The inner part of the tabletop features smaller irregular bronze shapes, while the alloy coats the sides of the table and provides structural support.


”This project was born in an idea that was surrounding our studio about the tension between transcendence and tradition and how this idea could be articulated in the physical world,” the studio’s Guillermo Parada told Dezeen.

“At the same time we were experimenting with some disparate materials to create structural collaborations between each other, and we found a perfect fit for this idea in marble and bronze,” he added.


The production process means each table is unique, with the arrangement of the bronze depending on the veining of the marble slab.

The studio has combined unusual pairs of materials in the past, creating a collection of porcelain lamps that featured dimmer switches made from lumps of lava.


22 Bathrooms in Marble

A Bathroom with Bathtub


A perfect mix of marbles, with sinks designed by Colin Cuarto, and sconces reclaimed from an italian hotel…


Altamarea Bathroom Sink


Amazing use of Marble slabs for walls, vanity and floor


Bathroom; clean lines, marble shower


Charcoal Gray Herringbone, Honed Marble Floors in the Bathroom


Custom modern marble vanity pedestal and integral sink.


David Bers Architecture


Do you think I would have to wear a pants suit in the bath


Extravagant bathroom with marble all over and a big big tub


French style marble bathroom


great cabinetry design. Simple and functional


Heavily figured marble, gold accents, a triptych in mirrors above a beautiful double vanity, a black enameled freestanding bathtub, and a tufted, contoured bench to match


I love this combo of a porcelain sink with delicate patterns and a thick marble countertop.


joseph dirand architecture


love how the orientation of the marble makes a pattern


Marble and gold. Shower. All custom cut marble.


Masculine bathroom. Black marble.


So I can see you from all angles.


The Mount Street Sconce in a Daniel Boddam project


A Touch of Luxury: Onyx in the Home

As much as it seems counterintuitive, the popularity of semi-precious materials and gemstones is rising in the countertop market. While most experts do not recommend semi-precious stone for kitchen counters that are subject to regular use, onyx is one type of rare stone that is being used more and more frequently throughout the home – on bar tops, kitchen panels, accent walls, and bathrooms.

contemporary-kitchen (1)

Onyx is a soft “royal” stone that is naturally formed by limestone that dissolves and redeposits, resulting in unusual and beautiful colors and a translucent quality. Its translucence is what’s making it a hot material in homes of every style; when lights are strategically placed beneath it, the stone takes on a striking luminescence that is impossible to reproduce with other materials.

contemporary-kitchen (2)

While onyx is one of the most expensive stones on the market and is susceptible to damage, it’s gaining popularity due to its sheer beauty and breathtaking uniqueness.


Decorators everywhere are finding uses for onyx in the kitchen, mainly as an accent as it is not designed to hold up to heavy use:

contemporary-kitchen (3)

Onyx has made its way into bathrooms, too.

An onyx sink is gorgeous and not as costly as a larger-scale project:


eclectic-bathroom (1)


contemporary-bathroom (4)

contemporary-bathroom (5)

contemporary-bathroom (2)

contemporary-bathroom (3)


But it doesn’t have to be limited to the kitchen or bath. An onyx accent wall, fireplace surround, or objet d’art will make your home unforgettable:


ARTIFACTS store by MW Design, Taichung – Taiwan

Starting with “feminine”, “elegant” and “luxurious” as the design direction, while maintaining ARTIFACTS’ brand language of chic and modern, the designer, Michelle Wei has played with various materials to create a space that is soft with a contemperary touch.


Solidity of four different types of marble at the shop window, cashier and flooring areas matching with softness of grayish purple curtain in velvet as a background, have created a balance between masculine and feminine in the space.


Geometric pattern made with marble on the floor is another important design factor. There are three floor paths going from the hexagon table in the middle toward three different directions throughout the space; the marble veins on the star pattern have added an exquisite touch to the store.





Book Matched Marble

How stunning are these symmetrical book matched marble moments? I just love the dramatic effect.

Here’s how they do it:
“When a block of natural stone is processed, it is cut into slabs by a large gang saw which works much the same way as a bread slicer. Once the slabs are cut, they are laid flat to be polished, and then bundled together in the same order at the other end of the processing line. Book-matched slabs are slabs which were right next to each other, but have been polished on opposite sides. When these slabs are placed side by side, you will see that they are a near mirror image of each other. Veining can be matched up to create one unbroken pattern.”


Book-Matched-Marble-1 (1)





Book-Matched-Marble (1)


Book-Matched-Marble-4 (1)










Sophisticated Apartment in Brisbane Featuring Marble Interiors and a Private Pool

Riverfront apartments that also have a sophisticated yet comfortable aura are hard to find. This is why this Judy Goodger’s high-end Brisbane Riverside apartment is so special. It inspires through a calm interior design accentuated with glistening cream and black marble bench tops and banks of storage that continue the design lines into the living area. The kitchen can be found right in the middle of the apartment and is equipped with European appliances; it can gather family and friends for a drink before moving on to dinner. Large sliding doors create a valuable connection to the surroundings but also offer as much quiet moments as needed. The master bedroom suite pampers you with its own deck access and a lovely walk-in closet. An expansive outdoor entertaining deck sets the mood for swimming in the private pool and expands the inhabitant’s horizon with a fantastic river view. Isn’t this a dreamy place to live?



Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-6 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-7

Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-9  Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-10 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-11 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-12 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-13