Marble vs Bronze coffee table

Islands of bronze rest on top of marble tables designed by Chilean studio GT2P for its first collaboration with New York’sFriedman Benda gallery.


To create each Marble vs Bronze table, the studio digitally mapped the veins of large slabs of marble and used the data to decide which areas to cut into using a water jet.


Large and small blob-shaped sections were then removed and filled with bronze, which extends into legs at the corners of the table.

The inner part of the tabletop features smaller irregular bronze shapes, while the alloy coats the sides of the table and provides structural support.


”This project was born in an idea that was surrounding our studio about the tension between transcendence and tradition and how this idea could be articulated in the physical world,” the studio’s Guillermo Parada told Dezeen.

“At the same time we were experimenting with some disparate materials to create structural collaborations between each other, and we found a perfect fit for this idea in marble and bronze,” he added.


The production process means each table is unique, with the arrangement of the bronze depending on the veining of the marble slab.

The studio has combined unusual pairs of materials in the past, creating a collection of porcelain lamps that featured dimmer switches made from lumps of lava.


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