Carrara House / Andres Remy Arquitectos

  • Architects: Andres Remy Arquitectos
  • Location: Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Architects: Andres Remy Arquitectos
  • Design Team: Andrés Remy, Hernán Pardillos, Lilian Kandus, Diego Siddi, Gisela Colombo
  • Landscape Design: Leandro La Bella, María Celeste Iglesias
  • Lighting Design: Mauricio Meta
  • Engineer: Carlos Dolhare
  • Construction: Andrés Remy , Hernán Pardillos
  • Construction Management: Hernán Pardillos, Andrés Remy
  • Area: 660.0 sqm
  • Project Year: 2010
  • Photographs: Alejandro Peral

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Located on an irregular lot, the house sits at the back of the lot and is parallel to one of the streets to open the best orientation and capture the best views. The idea of this journey was to discover the entrance as we follow the exterior stone wall. The rustic and crafted stone defines and separates the entry zones from the living spaces and is inside and outside, proposing a counterpoint to the pure white that dominates the inside of the house.

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Sophisticated Apartment in Brisbane Featuring Marble Interiors and a Private Pool

Riverfront apartments that also have a sophisticated yet comfortable aura are hard to find. This is why this Judy Goodger’s high-end Brisbane Riverside apartment is so special. It inspires through a calm interior design accentuated with glistening cream and black marble bench tops and banks of storage that continue the design lines into the living area. The kitchen can be found right in the middle of the apartment and is equipped with European appliances; it can gather family and friends for a drink before moving on to dinner. Large sliding doors create a valuable connection to the surroundings but also offer as much quiet moments as needed. The master bedroom suite pampers you with its own deck access and a lovely walk-in closet. An expansive outdoor entertaining deck sets the mood for swimming in the private pool and expands the inhabitant’s horizon with a fantastic river view. Isn’t this a dreamy place to live?



Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-6 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-7

Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-9  Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-10 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-11 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-12 Riverfront-Apartment-in-Brisbane-13


30 Marble Bathroom Design Ideas Styling Up Your Private Daily Rituals

Marble has seen its fair share of creative handling and has become a favorite in many upscale residences throughout the years. Modern bathrooms can surprise you with materials and shapes you never though matched, but also with a fascinating suite of different types of marble cut and shaped into a myriad modern ways.
30-Marble-Bathroom-Design-Ideas - Kopya
In addition to the 30 Modern Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Private Heaven, we selected a handful of modern bathrooms that display an iconic material for luxury: marble. Richly veined or showcasing a contemporary straight line design, light-colored or dark-colored, this material oozes luxury and commitment to quality. Different kinds of marble give different moods and it depends on the artist’s vision and interpretation to create either stunning artistic statements or perfectly balanced spaces for personal hygiene.
30-Marble-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-1 - Kopya
Marble bathrooms are not only decadently beautiful, but also an example for guests that good materials find their way back into our homes in every style. If you want to make the most of a marble bathroom design, appeal to a specialist who knows how to combine your ideas with the expansive world of possibilities out there.

30-Marble-Bathroom-Design-Ideas-2 - Kopya
A highly modern marble bathroom design can showcase a very inspiring combination of horizontally-veined marble. The Marmara White marble (or Marmara Equator) is an unique type of marble featuring dark colored parallel veins and looks exquisite in a modern bathroom like the example above. You can make your home look and feel like a luxury hotel by emphasizing its elegance with marble.

Inspiration for a luxury marble bathroom comes from different sources, like the one above seen in the Penthouse Suite Garden Court Hotel in Palo Alto. Every detail decorating this fabulous bathroom adds depth and a sense of comfort. Candlelight and roses alongside fresh, puffy towels are something you’d want to see permanently in your bathroom.


We’ve seen the creative snap-together marble tables that can definitely spruce up a space, and this spacious marble bathroom is yet another example of how marble can be used in modern homes. Make your bathroom feel like a spa with the helps of materials, space planning and details and always remember … to do it your way.

Proust chair by Alessandro Mendini

Alessandro Mendini recreated his iconic Proust chair inmarble for an exhibition of products shown by Italian company Robot City at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.


Made for the Italian marble company’s Solid Spaces show, the new iteration of the Proust chair is an attempt to create an object with a “hyper-realist” appearance by using marble to create an “almost surreal” effect, said Robot City.


Originally created in 1978, the Poltrona di Proust chair became Mendini’s best-known work. It was the first in a series known as Redesigns, which brought together his academic theories on the importance of historical context for design and the significance of surface appearances in a fast-moving world.


he Proust chair was developed after Mendini stumbled across a copy of a Neo-baroque chair while researching ideas for a fabric pattern for Cassina, influenced by the work of French writer Marcel Proust. The original version of the chair was covered in a multicoloured fabric, with a pattern carried through in its hand-painted frame, enlarging and reproducing an artwork by Pointillist artist Paul Signac.

It was originally a one-off design, but its popularity led Mendini to produce variations in limited numbers.

The Proust chair was developed after Mendini stumbled across a copy of a Neo-baroque chair while researching ideas for a fabric pattern for Cassina, influenced by the work of French writer Marcel Proust. The original version of the chair was covered in a multicoloured fabric, with a pattern carried through in its hand-painted frame, enlarging and reproducing an artwork by Pointillist artist Paul Signac.

It was originally a one-off design, but its popularity led Mendini to produce variations in limited numbers.


This marble version is one of four creations by different designers produced from a single 38.7-tonne block of white marble, excavated from a quarry owned by Robot City leader Gualtiero Vanelli.

The designs “give unexpected twists to the interchange between form, function, visual appearance, ergonomics, tradition and innovation”, said Robot City in a statement.

“Each of them enhanced the expressive and functional potential of this ancient, fascinating material, transforming it into advanced contemporary expressions according to their personal style and language.”

The other three projects in the exhibition included shelves by Paolo Ulian, an undulating glass-topped table by Stefano Boeri, and a table with three rabbit-shaped chairs by Stefano Giovannoni.

Scott &Scott updates Canadian mountain house interior using timber and marble

Canadian studio Scott & Scott has “brightened up” the interior of a mid-century property north of Vancouver, adding simple wooden surfaces, white-washed walls and a marble sink

North-Vancouver-House-by-Scott-and-Scott_dezeen_936_5    North-Vancouver-House-by-Scott-and-Scott_dezeen_936_6

Scott & Scott hoped to create a connection between the property and its setting – an area of forest at the base of Grouse Mountain – so chose to update the interiors using wood that will visibly change with wear.

“The design was an edit of the house with a respect for the original details and its connection to the mature forested yard,” architect David Scott told Dezeen.

North-Vancouver-House-by-Scott-and-Scott_dezeen_936_13   North-Vancouver-House-by-Scott-and-Scott_dezeen_936_11

“The materials used were selected for their contrasting strengths, and minimally finished using traditional methods that are maintainable and acquire visible signs of use over time,” he continued.


The walls of the living spaces were stripped and repaired, before being coated in a natural lime-based white wash. The pale Douglas fir beams were finished in white lye, while the wooden flooring and soffit were coated in a cloth-applied pigment oil.


In the main living room, the original enclosed stair was replaced with an open staircase made from black steel and fir.

Designers carved furniture from marble blocks

Robot City commissioned Italian architects and designers to create pieces of furniture a giant block of Carrera marble for the Solid Senses exhibition at Ventura Lambrate in Milan.

Robot-city-exhibition_dezeen_4 (1)

Architect Stefano Boeri presented a reinterpretation of the Tavolo Onda – or Wave Table – designed by his mother, architect Cini Boeri.


The marble base of the table has been carved into a series of vertical linked curves, appearing solid when viewed front on but delicate when seen from above through the rectangular glass table top.


“Marble and plate glass are strong, pure materials,” said Stefano Boeri. “On a marble base, the transparency of a crystal glass surface is ready for the untidiness of everyday life.”


A tree-like table accompanied by a set of rabbit-shaped chairs were created by designer Stefano Giovannoni.

Users sit on the backs of the marble rabbits and can lean against their ears.


The modular Comb piece has two legs carved with flutes, which reduce the weight, and a flat top. When stacked together, the repeated elements form a shelving unit with arched nooks for storing items.

Robot-city-exhibition_dezeen_ss5Robot-city-exhibition_dezeen_9 (1)